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The 46664 campaign was born from Nelson Mandela’s desire to help change South Africa’s attitude to HIV/Aids. He took his prison identity and made it a cause for hope and change. ...full story
Another of the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s programmes is The Centre of Memory, which provides accurate information on Madiba’s life. There’s even a comic book series to reach a younger generation. ...full story
The Mandela name will live forever, and that’s largely thanks to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, which seeks to preserve and promote a legacy of reconciliation, dialogue and social cohesion. ...full story
He once expressed a desire to be a heavyweight boxer and as a politician, soon realised how divisive and cohesive sport could be, particularly in a country like South Africa. ...full story

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Few have lived as fantastic a life as the late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Born in the line of royalty on 18 July 1918, in a tiny village in the former Transkei, Rolihlahla means “troublemaker”. Schooled in the Eastern Cape, he moved to the City of Gold in his 20s before joining the ANC at 26, and quickly climbed the ranks. During the Rivonia Treason Trial Mandela, 44, said the ANC would triumph over racism. In 1994, after spending 27 years in prison, he was sworn in as President of South Africa and promised to continue the fight to unify the country.